training & support

offering customized and comprehensive training

we understand that no two franchise owners are alike

We offer comprehensive training that is customized to your specific business needs and goals. These trainings evolve as your business grows, ensuring that you always have the support you need to take the next step. Training to become a Storm Guard franchise owner is both thorough and ongoing. What that means is that in addition to an initial training experience, as a Storm Guard franchisee, you will receive ongoing operations support, marketing and technology assistance, and collaboration.

Initial Training

Storm Guard’s Initial Training phase is comprised of 4 pillars

Your first training experience as a Storm Guard franchise owner focuses on the basics. For example, in your first few days as a business owner, you will learn about:
In addition, you will complete an Opening Checklist, which contains all of the administrative tasks required before you can open your business. These tasks include things like:

Our Inaugural Training will get you on a level playing field with other Storm Guard franchise owners, and prepares you for the next step in the process.

During Training Session A (TSA), new franchise owners and their key managers travel to Raleigh, NC to learn from their Franchise Business Consultants how to appropriately sell Storm Guard services. This training is designed to help build confidence in the first 3 steps of our sales process:

A week or two after you complete TSA, your Franchise Business Consultant will make an onsite visit to your local office for a Post TSA training. Your Consultant will observe and mentor you and your Sales Manager on selling builds and filing insurance claims. They will also help ensure that all necessary administrative tasks are being handled promptly and correctly. At the end of Post TSA training, they will help you set goals for the next training session.
Training Session B (TSB) comes about 6 weeks after your Post TSA training concludes. During this 4-day training session, you will travel to the Fort Worth Support Center to continue to develop your sales and administrative processes and to learn about producing the jobs that you have sold. This training offers a more in-depth approach to things like:
In addition, TSB takes a deep-dive into the next 90 days of your business plan as well as a review of critical business key performance indicators (KPIs). Before TSB ends, you will have established successful business habits and also set recruitment and sales goals for the period. TSB is designed to help you feel confident that you are doing all of the right things to build a successful roofing and construction business.

Ongoing Operations Support

Your Franchise Business Consultant (FBC) is truly your accountability advocate, and will be a big part of the ongoing operations support that franchise owners receive. After working with you throughout the initial training period, your FBC will continue to hold weekly calls with you for the lifetime of your business ownership in Storm Guard. This level of support is extremely rare, but is just one of the many ways that we show our ongoing commitment to the success of your new franchise business.

continuing education

Another important part of Storm Guard’s ongoing operations support is continuing education. We believe that staying up-to-date on the latest industry trends, technologies, and processes are the best way to offer the highest quality products and services to our communities. We watch the ever-evolving industry, develop vendor relationships, and offer training opportunities so that you can focus on running a profitable business – not worrying about the infrastructure behind it!

strategic planning

Finally, all Storm Guard franchise owners are offered organization-level support through our annual strategic planning sessions and annual conference. These events are an opportunity to come together as a franchise family, expand our knowledge, and share tips and advice with each other. Franchise owners are also encouraged to support one another through our innovative Roof Top Groups program. Roof Top Groups are peer groups of franchisees that hold four meetings per year during which members can openly and honestly offer each other advice and guidance.

Marketing Assistance

One of the most valuable ways that we support our franchise owners is through marketing assistance. Marketing campaigns can be both expensive and confusing to try and do on your own. For this reason, we create a range of marketing materials designed just for you. For example, you will have access to professional business attire, vehicle wraps, and designs for brochures, flyers, and door hangers.

market effectively online

But traditional marketing is only half of the battle. We also help each of our franchise owners market effectively online by working with you to set up a professional website, develop a social media presence, and create email marketing campaigns. As part of your initial training, you will learn the basics and best practices of marketing, from search engine optimization (SEO) to identifying (and reaching) your ideal client. This, plus regular opportunities to participate in pilot programs, means that you will have a wealth of professional marketing assistance on hand and ready to go the minute you launch your new business.


Today’s successful businesses use a range of smart technologies to help increase efficiency and quality. Storm Guard is no different! We offer our franchise owners intelligent, data-driven tools that will help you build and sustain a profitable business. For example, Storm Guard franchisees are given access to weather and aerial measurement technology, as well as a field rep tracking application, insurance claim estimating software, and task management systems to help you manage sales, production, and invoicing. By using the best technologies available, you can run your business efficiently and have the data you need to make smart, real-time decisions.


At Storm Guard, we believe that to succeed, we must succeed together. As the franchisor, we provide you with a proven roadmap to build your Storm Guard business and legacy. But we also know that the best ideas don’t always come from us. Part of what makes Storm Guard such a unique franchise opportunity is our encouragement of collaboration. We offer various platforms to our franchise owners that facilitate information sharing and long-term business relationships between our franchise family members.

Examples of collaboration opportunities with Storm Guard include: