our business model

a proven and profitable business opportunity

Storm Guard’s business model is designed to provide franchise owners with a proven and profitable business opportunity. We accomplish this by offering comprehensive roofing and construction services to home and business owners in our communities.

While we offer a wide range of quality services, there’s a reason that roofing is listed first in our name: the majority of our business comes from roof replacements. But more than that, most of our roof replacements are covered by insurance companies. This offers our franchise owners a distinct advantage over other construction and roofing business models.

The average lifespan of a residential roof is

20-25 YEARS

how long a roof lasts can be drastically reduced by severe weather

Hail alone has resulted in property damage to over 10 million U.S. homes and businesses every year since 2014. The most alarming part of that statistic is that it can take months or even years for the property owner to discover the storm damage to their roof. After so much time has passed, it is often too late to file an insurance claim, leaving many property owners in a very difficult situation.
To help home and business owners in our communities, we offer education and a quick response in the wake of severe weather. Many times, our customers are not even aware that a storm has damaged their roof until we approach them. By reaching out to the members of our communities, we aim to protect and preserve the value of their residential and commercial assets and, in doing so, become an integral part of every community we serve.

On a day-to-day basis, our franchise owners and their staff are busy implementing and carrying out our service lifecycle.

On any given day, you will be actively involved in:

At first, most Storm Guard franchise owners open their doors with a Sales Manager and a few sales representatives on staff. But over time, and with the expert guidance of your Franchise Business Consultant, you will hire personnel to staff the production and administrative areas of your business as well.

The Storm Guard business model starts out owner-operated. But because our model lends itself so well to economies of scale, your hard work and dedication will make it possible to achieve executive ownership of a large, thriving business.