day in the life

working hard to build a profitable business

As a Storm Guard franchise owner, I work hard every day to build a profitable business by offering services my customers can trust. While each day is different, there are some things that I make sure to accomplish each week. This is how I keep my business on the right track.


In the morning, I often meet with my business networking group. Over breakfast, we discuss ways that we can help each other achieve our short- and long-term business goals. Then, I usually hold a team meeting with my Sales Manager, Production Manager, and Office Admin. Together, we will review all of our pending builds and any outstanding administrative tasks. We’ll also go over last week’s sales numbers and our current accounts receivable, including the status of any accounts in collections.

Early Afternoon

The middle parts of each day are filled with tasks that keep each of my builds moving forward. For example, I will often attend inspection meetings, work with an adjuster, and help clients with product selection. I also do quite a bit of production prep to ensure that each build goes as smoothly as it possibly can.

Late Afternoon

In between team and client meetings, I work on my weekly tasks. One important task I complete each week is to review my open supplementing files and send off new supplements. I’ll then typically review my year-to-date budget, as well as my job pipeline and associated projected revenue. A weekly meeting with my Sales Manager might come next, to celebrate newly scheduled builds and address any client concerns where our service may have inadvertently fallen short of our high standards. I also often take a ride with my Sales Manager to meet our valued customers, putting a friendly and professional face to my business name and brand.


In the evening, I might schedule time for networking or to show appreciation to those who support my business’ success. I often meet my supplier rep at Top Golf, where we “talk shop” while relaxing and hitting a few golf balls together. After all, who ever said you can’t work and have fun at the same time?