Franchisee Spotlight: Carl & Angel Dugas


Q: What did you do prior to joining Storm Guard? 

 I grew up in the grocery industry and owned and operated supermarkets. 

Q: What is your greatest accomplishment in the business to date? 

 I view accomplishment as continuing to grow year after year. If I had to pick one thing, it would be the team we have been able to surround ourselves with. Our goal is to hire based on those who understand our values and are committed to our mission. A portion of that includes putting the best interest of our customers first, 100% of the time, while helping to educate and guide them through their options. We expect our team to be committed to respect, transparency, ongoing education, and professionalism. I believe if your work ethic is rooted in honesty and respect, then you will live that way in your personal life. I’m very excited about the people who are a part of our company right now. 

Q: What is your role in the business and has that changed over time?  

 My role is very hands on with the sales process and estimating. I believe solid sales is a cure all. Without the sales, what else matters? 

We have worked hard putting ourselves in a position to win the job. Establishing an in house repair team is something that has taken quite some time to establish, but is really starting to pay dividends. 

I also have the role of trouble shooting as needed. 

Q:  What does the “Storm Guard Family” mean to you?   

A: Support and Friendship. The ability to pick up the phone and ask questions and bounce things off of one another. To always be there for each other and assist in any way we can. Pick us up when we are down. A pat on the back when we succeed. Just as a family should be. 

Q: How long have you been in business and what does your team look like today? 

A: Angel and I have been in business for 5.5 years now. We have a dynamic team of individual personalities. Our sales team is quite small, but we have Tommy Waguespack who makes up for that. Our strength is really behind the scenes. Our son Hunter, is the rock of our office, doing pretty much everything. Ricky Lemoine is the foundation behind our production team while Caleb Lay spearheads our marketing. I also consider our newer additions, Claudia, Ben, Jerry and Tavin, as incredible assets to our team and filling their roles very nicely. 

Q: Can you tell us about your family and the lifestyle you enjoy now that your location is up and running? 

 A:  I’m a work-a-holic; however, I live on Lake Ponchartrain and I can quickly drop my boats in the water. I enjoy fishing the areas around our home and also taking day trips to hang out on the water. I have a sweet little granddaughter that I am absolutely in love with. Our 3 children and son-in-law live within 30 minutes of us, so Angel and are able to have dinners and visit with them frequently. 

Q: As you evaluated franchise opportunities, what caused Storm Guard to rise to the top?

 A: Storm Guard was the one opportunity that had everything I was looking for; potentially great ROI and not being involved in the food or retail industry, of which I had had enough of after 35 years. The opportunity to succeed on my own merits and work ethic and not be dependent on location was very appealing to me. 

Q: What advice would you give to potential franchisees looking to join the family? 

 A:  I would suggest that they approach this opportunity with a willingness to work hard and continue educating themselves. The industry is constantly changing so it’s important to be aware of what’s happening. Plan to sacrifice some weekends, work long hours, and be very aware of where you stand financially. 

Q: How would you describe the support you’ve received as a franchisee? 

A: The support that we have received from corporate since day 1 has always been positive. Kelsey is my guy, who is always there to bounce things off of. He even listens to me when I’m whining. Mike seems to always put things into perspective for me. Shane has always been there for Angel and myself. Always willing to answer any questions we may have and actually listening to what we may have to say. Always working towards creating a better system for us all. 

Q: How do you feel about Storm Guard’s Executive Team and do you believe they want you to succeed?  

A: There is no doubt that Storm Guard’s Executive Team wants us all to succeed. There is a culture of respect and support trickling down throughout the company. 

Q: What do you enjoy most about the business/our business model?  

A: There are 2 things I enjoy about the Storm Guard business model. First, our core values align perfectly. I know that I am surrounded by people who value integrity just as I do. Secondly, I enjoy the support and camaraderie we share with our fellow franchisees and the corporate office. 

Q: What is the biggest challenge in your business and why?  

A: The biggest challenge is communication due to the many moving parts. We are constantly refining our modes of communication with our crews, our employees, our customers, insurance companies, and anybody else involved in the entire process of restoring a home. 


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