Franchisee Spotlight: Andy & Tatiana Scoggins

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Q: What did you do prior to joining Storm Guard? 

A: Prior to Storm Guard I served as the CEO of a convenience store chain, MAPCO Express. Before that I was the CMO and Vice President of MAPCO Express, in charge of driving all marketing, food and beverage functions for each MAPCO convenience store brand and concept. 

Q: What is your greatest accomplishment in the business to date? 

A:  Having such a great team to work with everyday. I am thrilled we almost hit $4 million in top line revenue in our 2nd full year in business, but more importantly is we have built a sustainable long term business because we have a great team. 

Q: What is your role in the business and has that changed over time?  

A: My role is focused on strategy and management instead of being deep in the day-to-day details. I spend my time on client growth and supporting my team as they face challenges and opportunities. 

Q: As you evaluated franchise opportunities, what caused Storm Guard to rise to the top?  

 A: Talking with the other Franchisees about the culture, ownership, and opportunity. I also recognized great Branding work that would really support the growth of the company. 

Q: How would you describe the support you’ve received as a franchisee? 

 A:  Mike (Franchise Business Consultant) and Kyle (VP of Franchise OPs), have been excellent in supporting the Operations side of the business. Marketing continues to improve and the improvements in technology have been outstanding. Leadership continues to have a great culture and are always looking to the future. In total, the support has been fantastic. 

Q: What advice would you give to potential franchisees looking to join the family?  

 A:  Do your homework on your market. Understand the quality of your competition, weather patterns, and your network to build your team. Make sure you are willing to do all the work yourself in the beginning to set yourself up and know when to add the right team members to grow as they represent you and the brand. 

Q: How long have you been in business and what does your team look like today?  

 A:  3 years this month. We have 11 total. Andy and Tatiana Owners. Chris Morvai, our Sales Manager since day one and friend for over 20 years. 

Sales Team: 

  • John Fredriksen 
  • Jacob Hazzard 
  • Lee Hoagland
  • Nick Wyllie  

Production Manager: 

  • Cody Powell 

Production Assistants: 

  • Andrew Hardy
  • Matthew Grove 

Supplementation Specialist: 

  • Brenna Hazzard 

Q: Can you tell us about your family and the lifestyle you enjoy now that your location is up and running?

 A:  Tatiana is the glue of our family. A mom extraordinaire. In addition to her mom duties, she handles Marketing, HR, Accounting, Finance and Client Services. 

 Together we have 4 kids: 

  •  Andrew, 10, (Taekwondo, soccer, basketball, and video games) 
  • Natalie, 13, (Taekwondo, art, volleyball and basketball) 
  • Karson, 11, (soccer, basketball, making videos on Instagram, and playing make-up and dress-up)
  • Kendall, 13, (guitar, basketball and reading)

We love to travel and we have lots of sports & school events everyday.

Q: What does the “Storm Guard
Family” mean to you?

Helping each other to learn, improve and the support of a great team. Everyone is always quick to help out when you run into something new or you get thrown a curve ball.


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